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founded on the belief that beauty is about the journey and the act of self-care rather than the concept of perfection.

The Chủ Nhật Collection is inspired by the mindset of self-care and self-love passed down from generations of Vietnamese women. Chủ Nhật is the Vietnamese word for Sunday and is the literal translation of "main day." The Vietnamese weekdays are numbered; hai (second) to bảy (seventh). What about one? True beauty and self-love begin with you! Together, this is the main collection. Made for you.

Passion Project
Research • Iteration • Execution
Illustrator • Photoshop  • After Effects • Cinema 4D
3 months • 2020

Create a Modern package design that combines technology and art

The key concern was creating another gimmick skincare brand that promotes a positive message but does not practice what they preach. Using research to support our design, Sunday is built around the conscious use of quality ingredients, eco-friendly alternative materials, and user-centred product design.

The Chủ Nhật Collection includes six skincare steps, a multi-purpose container, and a step-by-step informational calendar.

All of the products are created with you and the environment in mind. Sustainability is a part of every decision made, which includes recyclable, alternative materials like mushroom or seaweed, and Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) packaging. Also, Sunday only uses ingredients that are meant to be beneficial to all skin types, especially for sensitive skin, which is backed by thorough research.

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Sunday is designed to be lively, bright, and quirky, representing the beautiful people and culture of Vietnam.

Sunday uses five different colours, inspired by the seasonal change of the terraced rice fields in Sapa, Vietnam. New crops begin as beautiful, lush greens. As the farmers begin to prepare for new crops by watering the fields, the surface of the fields reflect the light pink hues of the evening sky, which contrasts with the deep pink soil. When the rice fields ripen, the terraces change to an astonishing golden hue.