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Like many people during the pandemic, I wanted to learn a new skill; you know that one thing you swore to yourself you would learn but never did because you were too busy? For me, that was 3D design.

I love the aesthetic of 3D design, the endless possibilities, all created on the device I call my baby (my MacBook Pro, which actually can't handle 3D rendering very well).

This is my ongoing journey and exploration of 3D design. Follow along as I learn Cinema 4D!

Passion Project
Research • Iteration • Execution
Cinema 4D • After Effects
Ongoing • 2020

learn a new skill

3D design was something completely new to me. I was not familiar with which software to use, the interface, which meant I had a lot to learn, and that excited me!

As a part of the learning process, I follow many designers to keep myself motivated and inspired! Some of my current favourite 3D artists and practicing studios include chomchomstudio, Melissa Mathieson, Aaron Martinez, Studio Tendril, and Jam3.

Learn. Practice. Repeat.

I began with online classes, 3D Design for Designer's Intro to Cinema 4D for Designers. The program was a great place to learn the basics and put my new knowledge to practice.

After a lot of self-practice, I became specifically interested in character design. I had been following Aaron Martinez for a long time on Instagram and decided to take his class on Domestika, even though it was taught in Spanish and had English subtitles.

results still rendering...

I am always learning and I hope this will always be true. I can't say I'm a pro yet, but I have definitely grown in skill and I will definitely continue to. Please look forward to my constant growth!