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fun and educational furry friends designed to protect your children's feet

tomo is a children's sock package design that implements colourful and educational animal characters to promote the importance of wearing socks.

YSDN 3010 • Albert Ng
Research • Iteration • Execution
C4D • After Effects • Illustrator • Photoshop
3 months • 2019 • Revised (2021)

Create a package design that solves a problem

I noticed while observing in a retail environment, parents of young children have difficulty keeping track of the growth of their children's feet. Parents are left with no other option but to shop with their children, which causes shopping experiences to be more difficult. I also noticed young children do not like wearing socks. Socks are especially important to children because they are an extra protective layer for feet and prevent blistering.

tomo is an exploration that focuses on making socks more attractive to children through colourful, educational, and gender-neutral characters.

The packaging is designed as cut-out animal silhouettes that highlight the character's face on the socks and has cut-out tails and paws, making the product more eye-catching and interesting for both the parents and the children. The design includes an animal-shaped tag with a QR code which leads to the Tomo app.

The inside of the packaging has a children’s foot measurement, which can be kept and reused to record growth, or the package can be recycled. The packaging can come in many colours, making the socks more gender-neutral and prevents the notion of gender-specific animals.

A furry best friend; for kids and parents.

The first launch includes three animal characters: Banana the monkey, Bao Bao the panda bear, and Sunny the bunny. These characters can be found on the socks, which makes wearing socks more fun because the children will always have their friends with them no matter where they go.